Friday, October 08, 2010

IVF's implication in Abortion

British physiologist, Robert Edwards, was recently awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize for medicine. It is not my intention to give the pros and cons of his winning nor to discuss the morality of the procedure which he perfected. But there are implications in the procedure with the other much-debated option - that of abortion.
When interviewed on television, Lesley Brown, the first baby to have been conceived by in vitro fertilzation, said that without this procedure she would not be here today. It would be nice if those who feel abortion is an acceptable option would see the relationship between what Ms. Brown said and abortion. If those babies whose lives have not been allowed to continue, that is, those babies who were aborted, could speak, wouldn't they say the very opposite? Wouldn't they say, "If it weren't for abortion, I would be here today." In one case a life was given, in the other, lives were taken away. If we can state the first truth, isn't it reasonable to admit, the second truth?

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